Become a partner

In order to support our activities, we are currently working with various donors or partners from Governments, Embassies, Local and International NGO Agencies, and Private Entrepreneur Sectors, through (1) - Strategic partnership or sponsorship, (2) - Join efforts, (3) - Join resources, (4) - Join activities, and/or (5) - Co-financing to the areas of support.

  • The only way to defeat; the Development of Rural Community Health, Quality of Basic Education, Rural Economics, and Environmental Enhancement; is by working together. Under Teuk Saat 1001’s Social Enterprise Business Model, the work is carried out by all stakeholders working together, including Governments, Civil Society Organizations, Communities, Technical Partners, the Private Sectors, Academics, other Organizations, and other Multilateral and Bilateral Agencies.
  • All those involved in the mission should be involved in the decision-making process.

Teuk Saat 1001 is supported in its projects by institution, as well as private sector partners. Thanks to their long-lasting support (close to 10 years for some of them), that Teuk Saat 1001 has been able to expand its action to give the right to clean and safe drinking water to vulnerable populations.

Please join these institution as well as private sector partners, who are currently helping us, according to their rules of engagement to make our project happen in the rural communities. Teuk Saat 1001’ teams are available to meet you and talk about your solidarity projects. For more information, you can reach Mr. Kruy Chanrith, Communication, M&E Manager, at Tel: +855-15-777-932 or by email:

Choose the project or area of partnership below:

  • Funding by Project
    • Support safe drinking water to rural community (including infant from 0-5 years old)
    • Support safe drinking water to rural school children (during school days at primary schools)
    • Reduction of Job Migration through creation of local employment with entrepreneurship-skill training academy
    • Reduction of Carbon Emission through supplying clean and safe drinking water to communities
  • Funding by Area
    • Support for a Delivery Transportation of clean and safe drinking water to communities.
    • Support for Social Marketing and Raising Awareness to the community levels.
    • Support for Management and Entrepreneurship-Skill Training Academy to local selective community people, especially local women.
    • Support for Site Restoration or Re-Investment on Maintenance and Operation Improvement to reach sustainability at each site.