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As little as 1$ to provide clean and safe drinking water to a rural population including infant (0-5 years old) and student from 6-12 years old at primary schools. This Sponsorship Program’s goal is to allow community people to drink clean and safe drinking water with a most affordable price under a free door to door delivery service for each community household and for free to primary school children and poor ID people in the villages.

With 20$ per month, thanks to your donations, you contribute to delivering clean water to 200 children, the first victims of hydric illnesses.


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  • Sponsoring us by Item below:
    • Water treatment kiosk
    • Social marketing van
    • Information Data Management System and Tools
    • Delivery transportation for deliver of clean and safe drinking water to communities
    • Social Media and Advertising tools
    • School-water and its consumable products
    • Organizing an event or a Gala dinner …