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Sign Agreement with Swiss Red Cross, Cambodia

Teuk Saat 1001 signed the Agreement with Swiss Red Cross for project to install water kiosk

About Us

Teuk Saat 1001, partner of the French “1001 Fontaines” NGO, is a Cambodian registered NGO acting as a non-profit social enterprise that supports community access to safe drinking water with its water-filtration plants through local franchisees in rural Cambodian villages regardless of politics, religion, race, gender or color with:

  1. Authorization letter of Ministry of Interior, No.871​ សជណ, dated: 25 July 2007
  2. Memorandum of Understanding with Ministry of Rural Development,
    -1st MoU dated: 12 Mar, 2009 -2nd MoU, dated: 22 Jun, 2012 -3rd MoU, dated: 30 Sep, 2014

OUR VISION: A leading Cambodian organization to promote health of Rural Communities in a very sustainable manner.

OUR MISSION: Support safe drinking water to rural community by applying social enterprise models.

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What We Do

In Cambodia, inadequate water supply is a daily reality for millions of rural residents. According to WHO (2011), more than 6 million rural Cambodians do not have access to an affordable source of treated water leading to a high prevalence of water borne diseases.

Rural populations rely on solutions available locally such as untreated surface water (ponds, rivers) with its associated risks of bacterial diseases or groundwater (wells).

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