June 19, 2018


Teuk Saat 1011 initiative is deeply rooted in sustainability in its three dimensions: social, economic and environmental. Hence, it has a holistic contribution to sustainable development goals.

Safe water access and health benefits

In 2022, Teuk Saat 1001 provided safe water to 858,000 daily beneficiaries.


Improved education and people awareness

In 2022, 310,000 children received safe water for free at school thanks to the “Water in School” Program.


Improved livelihoods and inclusive growth

By selling their water, O-we entrepreneurs have started to earn a monthly income which is slightly higher than the national average. Thus, there are 3 sustainable jobs created per kiosk, including 1 led by women.

Environment & Community resilience

By installing solar energy consumption on water kiosks since 2012 – Teuk Saat 1001 contributes to reducing electrical, wood, charcoal and fuel consumption in Cambodia. On average, 70 tonnes of CO2 is avoided per kiosk per year by preventing water boiling.