June 13, 2018



Teuk Saat 1001 is an Cambodian based organisation, active since 2004. Today, our NGO employs 100+ people and counts +800 O-we Franchisees. Usually one entrepreneur employs two operators per kiosk among which more than 25% are women.

A word from Amandine Chaussinaud, Managing Director:

Our first objective is still to reach 1.5 million beneficiaries through a network of 400 water kiosks by 2025. To achieve this ambitious target, we will strengthen even further our support to existing entrepreneurs by positioning Teuk Saat 1001 as a Service Provider: focusing our efforts and work to improve entrepreneurs’ performance, skills and satisfaction level. By doing so, the aim is to drive an organic growth of the water kiosks to reach a greater number of beneficiaries in the                                                 communities where we have already been working for several years.

In other words, Teuk Saat 1001 works first and foremost for its entrepreneurs, aiming to serve vulnerable communities and enhance our impact in Cambodia.