June 13, 2018


I am proud to be the one bringing safe drinking water to my commune, and see my community enjoy an improved health. When I was younger, we barely had access to drinking water at school, and it really impacted my concentration in the classroom. The Water in School programme of Teuksaat 1001 Org really resonated with me and was my primary motivation to become an O-we entrepreneur.

Suon Sakun, O-we Entrepreneur



“I used to be a migrant working in Thailand for a very long time. I left all my children with my mother to look after because we had no choice. I had to earn a living by working as construction worker in Thailand. I missed my children and my family. Thanks to the project of TEUK SAAT 1001, I have now a better job where I earn a living in my hometown. I can live with my children, and more than that, I can provide safe drinking water to my villagers.”

 Phut Phorn –  O-we Entrepreneur since 2010, Angkor Chum, Siem Reap – Site E10