June 11, 2018


Our model is to set safe drinking water kiosks and ensures the distribution of 20L bottles at an affordable price for all.

To do so, we set up micro-entreprises, known as water kiosks, which ensure the production and distribution of drinking water in 20L bottles up to the last mile even the most isolated consumers.

The social franchise O-we ensures services providing to the beneficiaries while Teuk Saat 1001 provides the following services to the entrepreneurs: initial training, coaching and assistance by field staff visiting them monthly, technical maintenance, monthly quality tests, use of its nation-wide brand O-we, supply of necessary consumables. It also ensure a minimum salary to each and every entrepreneur.

Every kiosk is managed by an O-we Committee with members from the Commune and the community

Water kiosk – Key figures

3 jobs created directly in the community

7 days operations to ensure access to safe drinking water

25% of women entrepreneurs



A community based project contributing to awareness raising

Having a decentralized model allows our team to contribute to people awareness. Indeed, nowadays, education to children and villagers is still key to teach them that pond water or rain water are free but it has bad consequences for their health, concentration at school/work, and also very time demanding.

Every month, our team go to villages and teach O-we entrepreneurs, villagers and students the importance of WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) like teaching or reminding the benefits of drinking safe water.