June 11, 2018



Teuk Saat 1001 Network is composed by:

  • Chief of villages and chief of communities from 18 provinces.
  • 800+ entrepreneurs & operators who run 300+ water kiosks.
  • more than 25 financial partners

Affordability is our priority

By operating 300+O-we water kiosks, Teuk Saat 1001 has generated 800+ jobs that encourages people drinking clean and safe water in their communities. Today, nearly 61% of the Cambodian population is still living in rural areas where they earn on average 455.000 Riels per month per capita (Cambodia Socio-Economic Survey 2021, National Institute of Statistics). In addition,

there is still 18% of Cambodian people living below the poverty line, meaning with less than 11.000 Riels (2.7$) per capita per day. This is the reason why Teuk Saat 1001 strives to maintain the selling price of O-we water between 1 and 2 dollar cents per liter, which corresponds to an acceptable level of 3% of the revenue from a household living below the poverty line.
By selling their water, even at very low prices, O-we entrepreneurs have started to earn monthly income which is slightly higher than the national average.