May 24, 2021

01141-Entrepreneurs’ Word

Entrepreneurs' word

“ I deliver to about 1.500 beneficiaries who count on me. It’s a big responsibility. With the water that I also deliver to the school, I have to produce 2.500 liters each day, package them in containers and deliver them… Thankfully I work with my wife.” Heam Lot – Entrepreneur of the Trapaeng Russei kiosk in Kompong Thom since 2011.

“On a daily basis, when we deliver bottles we provide information and leaflets to households to educate them on the importance of safe drinking water and its health impact,” Phearun and Chhairy, Entrepreneur and his wife – both ex rice farmers – running Sour Kong water kiosk in kompong Cham since 2013.

“I used to be a migrant working in Thailand for a very long time. I left all my children with my mother to look after because we had no choice. I had to earn a living by working as construction worker in Thailand. I missed my children and my family. Thanks to the project of TEUK SAAT 1001, I have now a better job where I earn a living in my hometown. I can live with my children, and more than that, I can provide safe drinking water to my villagers.” THOT Thorn – Entrepreneur at the Angkor Chum kiosk in Siem Reap since 2010.

“I use O-we water since the very beginning of the project start up; I use this water because I trust on the quality of the water because the water station is not too far from my home. Most of the villagers also use this water.” MENG Sokheang – One O-we user at Sandan kiosk in Kratie since 2013.

“I have noticed that in the past my villagers got sick quite often, their health was not that well, and they spent a lot of money and time to treat themselves and their families. Now people enjoy having access to treated and safe quality water from O-we. Almost all villagers continue to use O-we water, and more than that, the children also got this water for free when they are at school, which is one of the great social benefits. At my commune and the commune infirmary, we also got free water from O-we.”, Mr. KIV Phalla, Chief of Commune of Sandan, Kratie province.