June 12, 2018


To reach 250 kiosks by 2020, in at least 17 provinces of Cambodia, with 1 million beneficiaries.

Water In School
“Water in School” Sponsorship Program started in 2008, by which safe water is provided to +140,000 children daily in the primary schools of villages, where Teuk Saat 1001 has activities – nearby a O-we water kiosk. 2 dollars supplies safe drinking water for 1 child at school for 1 year Thanks to the Water in School Program, a study proved that O-we in school reduced absenteeism from 45% to 75%.

High Quality Standards,WHO (world health org) standard, high quality standard, Strong hygiene procedures related to storage, bottle cleaning and packaging
Through a pump and piped water system, river water is collected, stored in a tank, poured into filters (sand filter, carbon filter, micro filter) and finally disinfected using a UV lamp. This process removes all bacteria to produce clean water with consistent quality. The water is then poured into 20-liter bottles and ready for consumption.

Today, O-we network represents 200+ entrepreneurs and stations who sold 10M of liters per month allowing more than 500.000 beneficiaries, including +140.000 schoolchildren to benefit everyday from safe drinking water in more than 2000 villages.