April 26, 2021

soil quality testing

  1. The RDI Laboratory can conduct soil quality testing for organizations, companies, and individuals throughout Cambodia.

    Soil Quality Testing Information:
    Phone: 017 794 393
    Email: lab@rdic.org

    Soil Quality Testing Packages
    Testing soil? please, download information sheet for more information.

    Laboratory office hours:
    Monday to Friday 8:30am to 12:00pm; 13:00pm to 16:30pm
    RDI Holidays 2017 – Download

    Parameters, analysis methods, and price list

    The RDI Resource Laboratory has the capacity to test a variety of soil quality parameters. Email us lab@rdic.org for a complete list of parameters and prices.


1 – Decide what you want to test (Need help to decide ? click here to learn more about soil quality or contact to the lab)

2 – Collect your sample using the directions provided by our staff and write the ID of the sample location on the bag and in your notes

3 – Drop off your sample at the lab and pay the free at the RDI based on the parameters you choose and the number of samples you collect

4 – Our team of technician will analyze your samples for the parameters selected

5 – Your results will be emailed to you usually in less than two weeks


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