April 25, 2021

water quality testing

The RDI Laboratory conducts water quality testing for organizations, companies, and individuals throughout Cambodia.

Water Quality Testing Information:
Phone: 017 794 393
Email: lab@rdic.org

Laboratory office hours:
Monday to Friday 8:30am to 12:00pm; 13:00pm to 16:30pm
Note: Friday not accept Ecoli & Total Coliforms testing

Drinking Water Quality Testing Packages
Testing drinking water? Select the link below to view our promotional drinking water testing packages and rates. Download

Please download Water Quality Information sheet.

Parameters, analysis methods, and price list

The RDI Resource Laboratory has the capacity to test a wide range of water quality parameters. Email us lab@rdic.org for a complete list of parameters and prices.

Sample collection and storage

In order to ensure testing results are accurate, special sampling instructions must be followed which depend on the parameters selected for testing. These instructions can include using special sample bottles, preservation with acid, keeping the sample cold, or dropping off your bottles to the lab very quickly after collection. Select the link below for details on sample collection and storage.
Download / Khmer

Useful Links
Learn more about water quality and water testing in Cambodia by downloading the reports below:

  1. Cambodian Drinking Water Quality Standards – Download  
  2. Cambodian Effluent Standards
  3. World Health Organization Drinking Water Quality

1 – Decode what parameters you want to test (Need help to decide? click here to learn about water quality or contact the lab)

2 – Collect the necessary sample bottles from the RDI lab (Not possible or inconvenient? Contact the lab for more information) 

3 – Collect your sample using the directions provided by our staff

4 – Write the ID of the water source on the bottle and in your notes

5 – Store your samples using the directions provided by our staff

6 – Drop off your sample at the lab as quickly as possible, following the directions provided by our staff

7 – Pay the fee at the RDI based on the parameters you choose and the number of samples you collect

8 – Our team of technician will analyze your samples for the parameters selected

9 – Your results will be emailed to you usually in less than two weeks