Rural Economic Enhancement

  • Average beneficiary household income per month: US$50-60. Assuming 6L/day/household, monthly water expenses US$2.25 represent less than 4% of the average household’s income.
  • Village community: The community receives US$20 – 25 per month from the entrepreneurs/operators at each project site, which represent an extra US$240 per year, with a share of the entrepreneurs/operators’ profits at the end of the year, if this is the case.
  • Business – job creations:
    • 164 jobs created (2-3 employees/village among which more than 30% are for women) that encourage people to use clean and safe drinking water in their communities.
    • 10%-15% of water treatment kiosks launched during the pilot phase are self-sustainable (in 2007/2008). This result is improving with Teuk Saat 1001 gaining experience.
    • Monthly revenue in average US$100 (from US$75 to US$150 according to their sales) for the entrepreneur and US$90 for the assistant/operator (to be compared with 60$ minimum salary in the garment factory)

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